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Fire Alarm

Sell ​​Jakarta Fire Alarm
What is a Fire Alarm System? is an automatic fire alarm system designed to detect unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes related to combustion. In general, fire alarm systems are classified as either automatically pressed, manually pressed, or both.

Selling Quality Jakarta Fire Alarms
Fire alarm is a very important system suitable for use in buildings, offices, hospitals, universities, banks, homes or others. Fire Alarm is an early security system to find out if there is a fire, moreover the place is an office area in a tall building. We have quality fire alarm products and have proven their superiority.

Sell ​​Complete Jakarta Fire Alarm
We are a company that sells fire alarms in Jakarta that have a variety of products and types of fire alarms. The alarms we sell include the following: Fire alarm control panel QA12 control, addresable fire alarm Horinglih control panel, smoke combination fire alarm AH 9315, fixed fire alarm temperature heat detector AH, fire alarm ROR AHR 871, fire alarm Manual Push Button Horinglih AH 97, Fire alarm bell Horinglih AH 0218, Fire alarm indicating lamp AH 9717, Fire alarm remote indicating Horinglih lamp A, Fire alarm smoke tester Horinglih AH 03151, Fire alarm monitoring module QA 17, Fire alarm control panel Hongchang, Fire alarm smoke detector HC 202D, Smoke photoelectrict fire alarm HC 206E, ROR HC 306A fire alarm control, HC 407A fixed temperature fire alarm, Fire alarm Bell Hong Chang HC 1024, Fire alarm indicating lamp Hongchang HC 300L, Fire alarm manual push button HC 1w & 2W, Strobe light fire alarm, Horinglih panel Annunciator fire alarm and many more. Please choose according to your needs.