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APAR cylinder box, is one of the unit boxes used for storage of fire extinguisher tubes, so it is not easily stolen and also makes the apar more well maintained, the APAR tube box which PT. Citra Aman Abadi Jual is available in various sizes for tubes ranging from 2.5kg to 9kg.

In addition to selling standard apar box sizes and models, we can also make apar boxes of various sizes and models according to the client's request, PT. Citra Aman sell is made of iron plate equipped with glass and keys making it easier to use its fire if a fire emergency occurs.

We also sell Panel Box Hydrant, consisting of indoor and outdoor Panel Box Hydrant that we sell available in various sizes and we also accept the manufacture of Panel Box Hydrant models and special sizes.

The following is an example of the fire extinguisher box that we sell, to be able to see the various Hydrant Panel Boxes that we sell, can click on our product category at OZEKI and ZEKI.
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