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PT.Citra Aman Abadi - Jual Zeki Hydrant dan Ozeki Hydrant


Zeki is a hydrant brand that has existed since 1988, as time goes by because of its many requests for fire extinguisher, as well as zeki brand fire alarms, we also issue zeki brand products for fire extinguishers and for fire alarms.
Zeki hydrant products have no doubt in quality and quality, zeki hydrant products have passed the tests of the fire department so that they are suitable for use and are chosen for the protection of a building.
In addition to zeki products, for hydrant we also sell hydrants with the brand Ozeki, both of which are equally well known in the market for a long time, zeki and ozeki hydrant projects have existed in various regions of Indonesia, and installed in various public facilities, etc.
The zeki ozeki hydrant whose image is safe to sell meets and adheres to NFPA standards, besides that the zeki ozeki hydrant has competitive prices in the market with good quality, and good inventory, the following are our zeki products.
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