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Fire Extinguisher APAR APAB

Fire Extinguisher Tubes consist of 2 types namely APAR (Light APi extinguishers) and APAB (Heavy Fire Extinguishers), the two types of fire extinguisher also have 2 types of contents, namely ABC Powder (Dry Chemical Powder), and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).

Citra Aman Abadi sells Fire Extinguisher with 2 choices of brands namely ZEKI and Viking, with a choice of sizes ranging from 1Kg - 75kg for Powder, and 2.3kg - 23kg for CO2

Fire Extinguisher Image Citra Eternal Safe Selling has passed the lab test from the Jakarta fire department so there is no doubt as to its quality, here is the Fire Extinguisher Image Citra Eternal Safe Selling

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