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Hydrant box A1 Ozeki
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Specification of Hydrant box A1 Ozeki

The Hydrant Ozeki Box has 2 types, namely in the building and outside the building, the hydrant box installed in the building (indoor Hydrant Box), consists of various types, namely type A1, A2, and B, while the hydrant box is installed outside the building (Oudoor hydrant box) has one type namely type C.

For the link in this product it is a type of hydrant box installed in the building (indoor hydrant box) with type A1 which has the following specific specifications:

  • Size             :66 X 52 X 15 cm
  • Plate Thickness    :1.2mm Mild Steell
  • Production process :Box Remover, Phosphating, and Zinc Chromate Primes
  • Finishing         :Red oven paint

Hydrant Box serves to store other extinguishing equipment as in the general indoor hydrant box for type A1 consists of a fire hose 1.5 x 20mtr, Hose Nozzle 1.5 ", and Hydrant Valve 1.5".

In addition to the indoor hydrant box A1 material plate, we also sell hydrant boxes complete with lock glass, and we also accept the manufacture of hydrant boxes and boxes with plate materials with a variety of sizes and models in accordance with the desired father / mother.

For more information about the hydrant box and other hydrant equipment, you can directly contact our telephone line.

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