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Fire extiguisher APAR powder Zeki 9Kg
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Sell Fire extiguisher APAR powder Zeki 9Kg

Specification of Fire extiguisher APAR powder Zeki 9Kg

APAR / Fire Extinguisher Powder Zeki ZT-90P type powdered powder 70% 9kg, with a diameter of 17.5cm and a tube height of 47cm.

Zeki extinguisher tube with 70% powder powder is very effective in extinguishing fire, besides that Zeki extinguisher tube with powder powder type is an extinguisher tube that is easy to use.

Zeki fire extinguisher tube has passed the fire department service test so that the overall quality is very guaranteed and has met the requirements of a proper extinguisher tube marketed and installed in various places such as office buildings, public facilities, and various other facilities.

The Zeki Powder fire extinguisher has fire classes as follows:

  • Class fires A includes solid and flammable materials such as cloth, paper, wood, etc.
  • Class B fires include substances that are liquid and flammable such as gasoline, diesel, thinner and paint
  • Class C fires include electricity or electricity

To see the details of the spray time and distance of the Zeki fire extinguisher spray tube, we have attached a brochure in the document for each of our product links, which can be downloaded directly.

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